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Peruvian Tradition is a leading provider of gemstone carvings which depict the natural flora and fauna of our Earth. We specialize in gem carvings of birds, such as the eagles shown on this page and featured on the next pages. This piece is one of several unique, exquisite gemstone creations our collection and featured in our gallery. All our carvings are created from precious or semi-precious gemstones including ruby, tourmaline, turquoise, agate, amethyst, sugilite, and azurite, with accents of bronze, gold and silver. Our carvings include depictions of owls, hawks, fish, quail, parrots, eagles, and hummingbirds in southwest and Peruvian motifs. Peru has a powerful heritage in lapidary and metalsmithing craftmanship dating back to before the time of the Incas and their forebearers. Peruvian Tradition was established in 1989 to open a direct source for our exquisite and unique carvings from our workshop of highly skilled artisans, who carry on the demanding tradition of lapidary and metalworking excellence. Our craftsman earn a true living wage and are afforded excellent amenities. It may cost more, but the results are readily evident in the superior workmanship and loving attention to detail presented in the finished product. Carvings of animals such as Eagles, Birds,Fish,Horses and Lizards made with Semi-precious Stones Turquoise, Quartz, ruby,amethist. lapis, jaspers, chrysoprase, rose quartz, etc. Turquoise carvings

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